J.L. Cohen & Associates, Ltd.  offers its accounting and financial skills to support a clients needs and understanding. The officer/shareholders, owners of a small, growing, closely-held enterprise are often concentrating on business operations and generating profits not on maintaining its accounting records. We provide recording of your transactions and more, we develop and initiate ways for  handling those future transactions.

We become involved with the business owners, managers, offering recommendations relating to operations analyzing financial needs, structuring plans and acting as the client’s resource for support and advice.

Depending on the size of the client we can help the client each month or quarter by doing the following:

       Generate a General Ledger

       Generate an income statement and balance sheet

       Reconcile monthly bank accounts

       Preparation of payroll and payroll tax returns

For those clients that need the traditional accounting of monthly, quarterly or annual reviews, compilations or audits, we are committed to providing the level of experience and expertise that you deserve and require.

If you are looking for insight into the capital needs or financing in your business, our strong financial and accounting skills will assist you. Using our expertise in these areas, we are able to determine the amount of capital necessary, assuming various levels of growth, and when such capital will be needed. Based on our analysis of the situation and our knowledge of the financial market, we recommend which type of lender would be the appropriate choice to fill the identified needs.

Our firm will help the company locate sources and support in negotiations for successfully acquiring the requisite financing. This function is equivalent to an “as-needed chief financial officer.” Our CPA expertise ensures that the accounting and tax implications of any considered financing beyond the immediate monetary concerns will be in the line with the needs of the business.