Every individual and business wants to pay less taxes, that’s why J.L. Cohen & Associates, Ltd.  has consistently maintained a high level of expertise in the tax laws and legislation to help our clients define the right overall tax position, designed to minimize their taxes. Our proactive approach to taxes sets us apart.

Whether you are an individual or business, our approach will be tailored to your needs. We can assist you in the following areas but not limited to:

       Tax Filing



       Estate & Trusts

       Exempt Organizations

       State and Local Tax




An Important facet of successful business planning is developing a strategy for ownership succession. This transition service is one that J.L. Cohen & Associates, Ltd.  is able to address in many different formats. The issue, of course, is who will own and operate a company when its present ownership is no longer available do so.

Whether a change in ownership is due to a death, a gradual shifting of ownership from one generation to the next, or to a merger or a sale to a third party, the contingencies should be mapped out to ensure the security of the company. A delay in determining the future of a business can lead to unfortunate economic consequences, as well as income tax or estate tax consequences. Therefore, the decision to name our firm as part of your planning team can be critical in avoiding these consequences. Click here to read the full article...


J.L. Cohen & Associates, Ltd. offers non-traditional services in other areas of company management. Our expertise can be and has been called upon to offer help, devise plans, review options, and offer advice in many areas ancillary to the practice of good business. Here are some other concerns for which we are available.
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ElderCare is a money management program for older family members provided by the professional team at J.L. Cohen & Associates, Ltd. ElderCare allows older family members to maintain an independent lifestyle supported by the direction and guidance of an experienced Certified Public Accountant. This guidance extends beyond required financial services to include an array of other personal needs.

The firm plays the role of advisor, consultant, friend, and even extended family member, to ensure the quality care of our client or your family’s elder members. Click here to read the full article...